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The bullets should have killed her. Surrounded by a brilliant white light, Michael had transformed Taylor while cradling her in his powerful arms. His firm mouth had covered hers, tasting her lips, taking her breath. A big damn hero—and a big damn bastard. Now his soul only needed to return to his body, and Taylor would be free. Nothing about this was easy.

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A ravenous dragon. A city had been flattened, black marble reduced to rubble.

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Roasted demon corpses littered the red sands, some partially eaten. Though the Guardians had searched, not one had seen the dragon. No dice. Fifteen thousand years of combined experience between almost fifty Guardians, and the best plan they had was tossing Taylor into Hell like a worm on a hook.

After hearing that, Taylor had barely stopped herself from telling Khavi to fuck off. Neither did Taylor. Not even Khavi, who was the offspring of another human and demon pairing. Now that dragon might be coming after Taylor, and none of them knew whether a bit of Michael still existed in that form, or if he was like the dragons in the Chaos realm: hungry, destructive, and almost unstoppable. But the truth was.

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What had she done to deserve this? Taylor knew that. All too often, decent people were hurt and the bad ones got away with it. Tweakers killed good cops and then had their charges reduced after ratting out their dealers. Mothers worked their fingers to the bone, then handed over their salaries to pay someone else to care for their comatose sons. There were millions of people who deserved better and got worse, and that was just the way the world worked.

But if some almighty being was up there giving out superpowers to Guardians and transforming angels into demons, Taylor thought life should be fair. People should get what they deserved. But that was exactly how this fishing expedition might end.

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If she did become dragon chow, though, it would be her own fault. She could have refused to act as bait. She could have told Khavi to fuck off.

leondumoulin.nl/language/health/dark-days-and-pitch.php The other Guardians would have respected her decision. But the world needed Michael back, and Taylor needed to be free of him. Of course, through their connection, he would know they planned something. He might already be a few steps ahead of them. A faint rasp sounded, like the scuff of a foot over sand.

Heart jumping into her throat, Taylor whipped around.

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She scanned the barren territory, her eyes and weapon moving as one. Only the jagged boulders, strewn across the wasteland as if a god had crushed a mountain in his fist and tossed the pieces away. A shiver ran over her skin. Something had made that sound. On Earth, she might have blamed it on a breeze, but no wind blew in Hell. She held her breath, listening over the rapid beat of her own heart. Hopefully a thousand. And hopefully made by a small creature, like a wyrmrat. Whatever was out there, it had probably smelled her. Maybe it called to a hungry dragon, too. Right now, Michael might be coming because he smelled a tasty snack.

Taylor had pointed out the stupidity of that—he might not know what the symbol said, but he would know it was there and that they were trying to bait him—but Khavi had only shaken her head and said the same damn thing:. Where was he? Her gaze searched the sky. She turned and studied the horizon. A smudge in the far distance might have been a phalanx of flying demons or a cloud of nychiptera.

With her Guardian eyesight, Taylor could read the number on a license plate from a half mile away. And if they came closer.

Until then, flying had been yet another skill that had seemed instinctive. She just flapped around like a wounded chicken.

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Taylor looked to the boulders again. No movement. Michael was already in her head and past her mental defenses. Or felt him. With a quick thought, Taylor vanished her shoes into her hammerspace. She waited, her toes curling against the hot sand. If Michael had made that sound, maybe he was still waiting. Then again, maybe it was waiting for her to run the other way. Or just waiting for her to look the other way, so that it could sneak up behind her.

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  4. Still holding her breath, Taylor pivoted and stared at the boulders ahead. Come on, she urged whatever it was. Come on out and let me see you. Still, there was no reason not to give a little mental incentive to him, too. And a little stringy, but that was partially his fault. Hardly an appetizing mouthful.