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In particular, the book discusses classical aspects of cellular physiology and the metabolism of physical exercise, as well as novel topics like exercise in transplantation and exercise in beta-cell failure, which mark the frontiers of research in sport-related sciences and research. Exercise physiologists, biologists and physicians are the specific professional and academic targets of this work.

The team of authors together with the editor are world-renowned experts in the field of physiology and metabolism applied to sport sciences. This item is not currently in-stock. It can be ordered online and is expected to ship in days. Mitochondria express enhanced quality as well as quantity in association with aerobic fitness across recreationally active individuals up to elite athletes. Jang, Y. Age-associated alterations of the neuromuscular junction. Janssen, I. Low relative skeletal muscle mass sarcopenia in older persons is associated with functional impairment and physical disability.

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Large energetic adaptations of elderly muscle to resistance and endurance training. Justice, J.


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Konopka, A. Defects in mitochondrial efficiency and H2O2 emissions in obese women are restored to a lean phenotype with aerobic exercise training. Diabetes 64, — Koopman, R. Aging, exercise, and muscle protein metabolism.

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Cellular physiology and metabolism of physical exercise

Latres, E. Activin A more prominently regulates muscle mass in primates than does GDF8. Lazarus, N. Declining performance of master athletes: silhouettes of the trajectory of healthy human ageing? Lee, H. Targeted expression of catalase to mitochondria prevents age-associated reductions in mitochondrial function and insulin resistance. Cell Metab.

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